From the Love of Dance the WA Masters Formation Team was formed in 2014.
The Team have a lot of fun training, performing and competing together, promoting health and well-being through dance.

The Western Australian Masters Formation Team are a Dance troop of Masters couples who train, perform and compete as a group. There are eighteen dancers in the team with six or eight couples on the floor at any one time.

The routines are choreographed to specially designed mixed music tracks to create visually exciting performances. 

Our routines are: 

Name Dance Style


Selection of the 15 Championship New Vogue dances



The Movies

Selection of the 15 Championship New Vogue dances

The Classics


We will Rock You

Selection of the 15 Championship New Vogue dances

Black & White



Selection of the 15 Championship New Vogue dances


Our Team's mission is:

(a) to support the active health and wellbeing of mature age dancers through promotion, development and training;

(b) to provide social activities that are safe and inclusive for mature age dancers;

(c) to encourage and empower mature aged dancers to actively participate within the association, partner organisations and the community;

(d) to encourage and promote the development and expansion of all forms of mature age dancing;

(e) to promote and participate in mature age dancing within the community;

(f) to co-operate with, and to seek co-operation from, dance promoters and all organisations supporting the dance community; and

(g) to support and assist the mature age dance community organisations wherever possible and practicable.


Our Team's Constitution:    Click here

Our Team's ByLaws:   Team Bylaws - Click Here